Windows XP Firmware Update (Release 4)


- Update the Firmware improvements applied

1. Improve quality in Windows XP using neyibeopon (16kHz sample rate support)

2. In Windows XP, Windows giboneum improve output quality (22kHz sample rates up)

3. 11kHz sample rates up in Windows XP. (※ apply)

- PRODIGY CUBE way of the Firmware Update

1. After booting into Windows XP to connect to the USB port PRODIGY CUBE.

2. Click the link below to download the Firmware Update File is the PRODIGY CUBE.

[PRODIGY CUBE Firmware Update Download] ← click

3. Download the file, unzip the folder, navigate to the folder when you run the file in HidPanel.exe silhaengchang will be following. Firmware Update the order number displayed on your screen will be.






① Product ID to change the 7022 to 7921.
② Connect to HID Device button.
③ Run New Thread for HID Input button.
④ Input File to change the contents of the CUBE24R4.txt.
⑤ Start I2C Firmware Update button is in progress for about 30 seconds and 1 minute to complete the task. (The blue progress as an increase in the number of checkboxes doedaga Firmware Update is complete, the screen is as shown C0)

PRODIGY CUBE Firmware Update is complete, all of the approximately 10 seconds after you disable the USB connection and then reconnect, you can normally use.

※ device you are using, do not run the Firmware Update. Firmware Update before you run the 10,001 in the system is using the sound device in the window, after all your PRODIGY CUBE sound of the USB connection and then reconnect after a while, is when you run the Firmware Update.

16/48 ※ PRODIGY CUBE to set the internal Jumper If you are using the compatibility mode, the contents of the CUBE16R4.txt ④ Input File to be changed.

※ If the following is not required, please see the Firmware Update.

Start → Settings → Control Panel → System → Hardware → Device Manager → sound, video and game controllers → USB Audio Device Properties → Details → Hardware → ID Rev_0004 on the item marked as follows: If the plant factory is already Update Firmware Update has been applied to You do not need.






- Windows XP requirements

※ Built-in decoder, receiver, amplifier, using the Dolby Digital (AC3) and DTS digital output for the purpose of Tsuruga pass was uploaded to the Archives' pass Tsuruga Drivers for Windows XP, the installation is limited, the output sample rate is ignored, in fact, one time items.

In other words, tell me to change the decoder does not use the built-in amplifier, receiver, was uploaded to the Archives' pass Tsuruga Drivers for Windows XP, so no need to install and upload it to the 10,001 applications for Windows XP installed the drivers from passing neyibeopon use Tsuruga If this is not good quality Start → Settings → Control Panel → System → Hardware → Device Manager → sound, video and game controllers item Audiotrak ProDigy CUBE Driver for AC3_Passthru delete PRODIGY CUBE or a different USB port when you install to a normal quality phone Naver can be used.

In Windows XP, Naver, and also pass the phone to Tsuruga, even if you use a digital output, two USB ports on the PRODIGY CUBE driver can be applied to different USB ports, a very simple and easy way to change the Windows XP Naver phone and in successfully pass all the Tsuruga digital output will be able to take advantage of.

In other words, the first USB port, the Windows default USB Audio driver is applied to the Naver normal phone can be used to sound, and the second USB port driver for Windows XP Pass Tsuruga Tsuruga digital output is applied to the pass can be used.

※ Naver phone if the user happens if you have lots of restrictions on heavy traffic to make way for lower bandwidth streaming to lower sample rate of 16kHz will be set to show, Japan, the United States, Europe and overseas used Skype (Skype ), the sample rate is set to 48kHz. Therefore, a low sample rate of 16kHz, such as Naver phone is set to inteonetpon does not use the program even if you do not apply the Firmware Update for the general use I do not see any problem, please.

- Windows Vista requirements

※ PRODIGY CUBE for Windows Vista 32bit, Windows Vista 64bit (Service Pack 1) using the pass from the base to support digital output Tsuruga.

※ PRODIGY CUBE PRODIGY CUBE If you install Windows Vista, is supported by the Bit Rate and Sample Rate for all items you can see the details.

Update : 2009/08/01

Windows XP AC3 PassThrough Driver

23.6 KB


Windows XP environment in Dolby Digital / DTS Digital output is possible the driver.

Device Manager window, in the same order as below, please seolchihaeju driver.

※ Windows Vista, or Apple MAC OS environment that does not require a separate installation of the driver.


System Properties → Device Manager





Right-click the USB audio device, click Update Driver.















Pdgcube.inf download folder, select the compression release jusinhu

















After the driver installation USB audio device in Control Panel and Device Manager window, you can see the changes.

※ When you delete the driver to the Device Manager window, right-click PRODIGY CUBE for AC_3PassThru do not delete the driver and connect the cube to another USB port on your computer, you have not applied to the driver are available.

Update : 2009/08/01